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Providing Everything You Need

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Outdoor Lighting & Audio Design
Consultation & System Engineering

Elevated would like to help ease your pain and increase your confidence in offering our design services. In an effort to better serve design professionals and contractors throughout the landscape lighting industry, Elevated and some of our manufacturers are offering complimentary design services to assist lighting professionals in creating distinctive and attractive landscape lighting and audio plans in a timely and budget friendly manner.

Product Sourcing &
Wholesale Distribution

Finding the right supplier for your landscape lighting business can be a challenge. The number of distributors nationwide can be mind boggling. There is no single manufacturer who can provide every single product you’d need to supply your crew and meet the needs and wants of your homeowners, that's where Elevated comes in.


We strive to meet your business needs while evolving and managing multiple product suppliers. We are constantly pursuing multiple avenues to source the supplies and products you demand in one convenient location.


Nighttime Lighting Demos

Want to give your home-owner a "test drive"?

Let Elevated help you mock up a lighting system on the actual property it would be installed. After walking the property with your client and narrowing the design plan, we'll help create a list of materials to dial in your budgeting, take-off and bidding process leaving no "mutual mistification" between you and your customer.

Competitive Bids &
Material Take-offs

Elevated works diligently to ensure the best possible pricing from our manufacturers to pass along, allowing your crews and ours to win the bid with even the biggest competitors in the industry, all while striving to have the most lighting inventory on the shelf the day you need it. If you're not successful, neither are we.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Dark Sky Compliant Design

In a Dark Sky community or just passionate about your design elements? We can help make sure every single fixture has sense and purpose with all the necessary requirements and desires considered.

On & Off Site Training
& Support

Need training for you and your crew? We've trained contractors in all areas of the business at your office, the job-site, our facility and even at the manufacturing plants across the nation. Let us know how we can help you get to the next level of your business.


Friendly, Focused, Accountable
& Knowledgable Staff

Frustrated by trying to speak lighting with counter staff that has no idea what you're talking about? Need design or technical help on your site? Want more from your current supplier?


Our friendly staff is dedicated to being your answer for any and all of your low-voltage lighting needs. We are professionally trained by our manufacturers and partners in our locations as well as theirs. Being more focused on what's important to us is what helps us win the day with our clients. Come on in and let us prove it. 

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