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The Team

Who We Are


Brian Marvin

Owner / Partner

Brian has worked in all facets of the green industry for 28 years as a landscaper, a distributor, being a regional sales manager for two lighting manufacturers across 7 states and part of Canada, and even owning a local landscape lighting company.  

Fun Facts: He loves anything fast, the Colorado outdoors, a good steak and bourbon,  his family and working on his old truck.


Josh McLean

Sales Manager

Josh has worked in commercial line-voltage lighting, as a landscape lighting and audio contractor and in distribution. He earned his bachelors while he shines at landscape lighting design, take-offs, lighting demos, problem solving, holiday lighting, product comparisons, and hands-on teaching.

Fun Facts: He has installed lighting projects as large as 1400 fixtures, loves his 3 ladies at home, and enjoys hunting in his time off.



Rio Wale

Branch Manager

Rio has worked in commercial drywall estimating, a child care provider in West Africa, and a painter's assistant. She earned her associates in psychology while she excels at thinking outside the box, computer programs, inventory management, and her people skills are off the charts.

Fun Facts: She is a proud native of Golden, loves sky-diving, and 90's punk music.


Mike & Andrea Borgeson

Owners / Partners

Mike has worked for two major lighting manufacturers, Unique Lighting Systems and Aurora Lighting as a national trainer and sales manager. Andrea's background is in medical billing. Together they run Elevated's sister company - Sonoran Lighting Supply outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Fun Facts: On weekends they can be found blazing side by sides through the deserts of Arizona with their two girls coming home to their chickens, cows and three dogs. 


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